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Training aims to improve how military sexual assaults are investigated (NBC News)

The brain injury data project: one soldier’s story (

Red tape entangles injured service members who can no longer deploy (NBC News)

Veterans rave about PTSD service dogs, but research lags (NBC News)

Controversial Army policy makes it difficult for soldiers to get service dogs (NBC News)

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Children’s mental health at risk from chronic financial instability (Huffington Post)

Climber’s sky-high dreams dashed far below Everest summit (NBC News)

Airline crew member mental health in spotlight after captain’s breakdown (NBC News)

Not with my home — The American Prospect
Homeowners have been at the mercy of banks since the foreclosure crisis began. A network of activists and organizers is trying to change that.


Science & Technology Coverage

Army Looks to Safeguard Soldiers From Underground Threats Through Mining Technology

Going Against the Flow: Green Tech, Sensors and Industrial Internet Make Sewer Systems Smart

Citizen Scientists See Space as New Frontier

Drones, Better Model Helps Navy Improve Hurricane Intensity Forecasts

Scientists Looking to Solve the Problem of Slums Devise a New Way to Look at Big Data

The Delicate Dance of Using Data to Fight Forest Fires

3-D Printers Now Solving Problems on the Front Lines

Data Helps Bring Ancient Languages Back to Life

Researchers Working to Understand the Science of Science


Highlights from Forbes

The Forgotten Patients
The mental health industry ignores the 35,000 people a year who commit suicide. A few researchers are trying to change that.

Snake Oil in Your Snacks
Foods masquerading as drugs have become a $160 billion business

What Food Activists Ignore
A new documentary tugs heart strings. But how do we feed the world?

Smart Choices Foods: As Dumb as They Look?
Processed-foods giants spent more than $1 million to create nutritional guidelines for a labeling system that favors their own products.

The Lupus Gold Drug Mine
After decades of dead ends scientists find new treatments.

Two Wheeling
In Colorado’s Grand Valley narrow mountain bike trails crisscross high desert wilderness.

The Thrill of the Chase
Hunting deer in your backyard is too boring. Go after something bigger and harder to find, like bull elk.

Garden of Earthly Delights
Dan Heims’ passion for plants feeds a business–and a great private collection.

The Forgotten Columbia River
Few tourists explore the Columbia River’s more isolated shores, including this area, part of a 20-mile stretch between Skamokawa, Wash. and Astoria, Ore.

The Trash King of New Orleans
When hurricanes hit the city, Sidney Torres IV cleans up.

New Orleans’ Port in a Storm
Gary LaGrange, president and chief of the Port of New Orleans, see the Mississippi River on the verge of getting back to business.